Video Diary: Getting Off Sertraline – 26th June & 29th July.

As of yesterday, 5th August 2019, I am officially off the Sertraline!!!!


The last month or so were quite difficult, with lots of ups and downs; the anxiety wasn’t too bad, it was the mood crashes which were the hardest to deal with.  One moment I could be quite happy and the next my mood could plummet in the blink of an eye.

It’s hard to say if reducing the Sertraline has had an effect because I felt pretty bad even when I was on a high dose.  The main contributing factor seems to be my environment and the experiences I have to confront. 

When I was confronted by a challenging event or I started think about something stressful, such as money, anxiety would hit and the mood would crash, the Sertraline seemed to have no effect on this.

My Last Sertraline Tablet…. Say Bye Bye….

I guess the real test will be when I go onto the more natural treatment(s); will they help me get through the tough experiences?

I’m not expecting miracles from the natural remedies because I am pretty sure that any type of pill or powder will not be a miracle cure for my anxiety and depression on it’s own.  My hope is that I don’t have the side-effects that I experienced with the Sertraline because these sometimes set me off on the back foot from the moment I woke up.

The next stage is a liver detox because apparently the medication seriously screws up your liver, so for this I am taking a Cleanse NutriPowder, which is a blend of plant extracts, including the following powders, Broccoli, Dandelion Root, Tumeric Root, Alfalfa, Apple, Beetroot, Spirulina, Artichoke, Corriander, Celery Root, Chlorella and Milk Thistle…..

The good news is that it actually tastes really nice!

Will see how this goes, and will keep you posted.



Thank you, thank you, thank you

WARNING: If you are on anti-depressants (or any medication for that matter) and you wish to make any changes to your dosage, or switch to natural remedies, ALWAYS consult your GP and a professional health therapist/nutritionist.  

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