Adventures of an Anxious Mind - Revised with Just Giving Link

Adventures of an Anxious Mind has a number of purposes:

EXERCISE –  As we all know, exercise is an important part of trying to control anxiety and lift depression.  At school I played rugby, hockey and badminton, and was not bad at long distance running, but once I left home, work and socialising kind of took over.

My recent problems with alcohol meant I put on weight; one day Kim told me my belly reminded her of a yellow cartoon character’s belly….. doh!!!  This was enough to get me motivated and running, although it mainly started once we had moved out of London.


FUNDRAISING – Mind is a fantastic charity, and they do some great work to help people with mental health issues.  As well as support and advice, they have a legal department (which was very helpful when I was going through the Employment Tribunal).  They are also passionate about changing the way mental health is viewed, and handled in the workplace, something I feel very strongly about.

I can’t tell you everything they do in this section alone, so check out their website for full details:



CHALLENGE – I need to push myself and have things to focus on.  The challenges I set myself are not just physical, they also challenge my anxiety and depression; I need these to motivate me and give me a sense of purpose and ambition that I don’t think I have ever really had.

It’s about taking myself out of my comfort zone, and seeing what the view is like outside the box.

ADVENTURE – Who doesn’t dream of adventures?

As a child I loved Indiana Jones (and still do), his hunt for archaeological artefacts of biblical proportions filled my head with wonder.  Obviously real life is rather different and I doubt I would last five minutes on one of Indie’s adventures, anyway I am going to save up for a leather jacket…..

The challenges will bring excitement to our lives, and I hope that they inspire you to find your own inner Indiana Jones or Lara Croft.


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