Sick Days are there for the Taking – The Problem of Presenteeism.

We’ve all been there at one time or another, struggling into work when we basically feel like s**t.  We sit at our desk taking whatever medication we can, whilst feeling miserable and wishing we were at home in bed. If you look at your contract of employment, you may find a section which refers toContinue reading “Sick Days are there for the Taking – The Problem of Presenteeism.”

Time to Science the S**t out of this.

Science was never my strong point at school, and I wouldn’t say that it has been something I have been interested in since I left school; so, if you’d told me that I would be enjoying learning about some of the science behind Anxiety, Depression and Addiction, I would have laughed and shrugged it offContinue reading “Time to Science the S**t out of this.”

The Importance of Balance in Life.

What happens when we lose our balance?  We fall over. This is the same when we lose balance in our lives however; the physical act of falling over is replaced with illness. If you stand on one leg you feel your body wobble and you immediately try to correct the wobble; if you fall over,Continue reading “The Importance of Balance in Life.”

Can Caffeine Make you More Depressed?

During January I hit a serious bout of depression, which was at a level that was hugely magnified compared to what I had experienced before. I had no energy, wanted to stay in bed, and the anxiety was really bad; I was more irritable and would get angry at the smallest thing to a pointContinue reading “Can Caffeine Make you More Depressed?”