Depressed or Just Ungrateful?

I am really struggling with the depression at the moment, I don’t feel as though I am getting anywhere, which really brings me down, I lose motivation and end up thinking ‘what’s the point?’ It’s not to say that nothing good is happening, it’s just that they seem short lived, and the negative stuff soonContinue reading “Depressed or Just Ungrateful?”

Medication & Anxious Dreams.

Over the last few months I have started having some really bad dreams; I wouldn’t say they all felt like nightmares, but they all shared one thing in common, I experienced anxiety and panic in them to a level where I was paralysed (in the dream that is). I have experienced nightmares in the past,Continue reading “Medication & Anxious Dreams.”

Anxiety and the Brain, Part 6: Circuitry

Circuitry is the connection between neurons, the basic building blocks of the brain, that we explored previously. “Neurons that fire together wire together” – Carla Shatz We learnt that neurons FIRE, which is where a positive charge travels from the receiving dendrites of the neuron, through the cell body, all the way to the axonContinue reading “Anxiety and the Brain, Part 6: Circuitry”

Shall I Compare Me to a Shark?

As I mentioned in my last blog I have started an introductory course in counselling; during the introductions we were asked to say which animal we were most like, and then yesterday we had to talk about that while another person listened. I had really struggled to decide which animal I think am like, andContinue reading “Shall I Compare Me to a Shark?”

Anxiety and the Brain, Part 5: Neurons.

Previously we have explored the parts of the brain where anxious thoughts are created and processed into physical responses; we have also seen the different anxiety pathways, but to understand how all this works, we need to understand the chemical processes that occur. The brain is made up of billions of connected cells that formContinue reading “Anxiety and the Brain, Part 5: Neurons.”