As well as my blog, I write articles about Mental Health for other publications; in particular I focus on anxiety and depression.

I can write about various aspects of these disorders, including: the basic neuroscience behind anxiety, nutrition and the gut/mind connection, alcohol and mental health, the benefits of exercise, running and mental health, mindfulness, living in the present moment, medication, counselling, kindness, and much more.

My knowledge is based on my own unique experience and factual information from books and other articles that I have read (I always look for publications that are supported by scientific studies).

If you would like me to write an article, a blog, or other content (on-line or print) about anxiety or depression, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Here is a selection of some of the articles I have written:

18th January 2021 – Blue Monday: Henlow man explains how nutrition can impact mental health

10th October 2020 – Henlow man on the power of meditation this World Mental Health Day

23rd May 2020 – Henlow man on using kindness and positivity to improve mental health

10th October 2019 – Hiding in the dark – Henlow man on what it’s like to live with depression

7th July 2019 – Mental health at work: Who really has your back when things go horribly wrong?

7th February 2019 – Time to Talk Day 2019: ‘It’s time to listen, too’ says Paul

10th October 2018 – Getting your head around anxiety

10th June 2019 – Writing my way through anxiety and depression

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