Living a Life Without Limits

Living a Life Without Limits comes from my own lived experience of struggling with anxiety and depression; it includes everything I have learnt on my mental health journey.

The full programme currently has approximately 16 hours of content and it can be presented over a timeline to suit you or your organisation.

There is also a workbook to accompany the programme, which has exercises that you can use on a regular basis as part of your new wellbeing strategy. They help you to ‘check-in’ with how you are doing, highlighting areas that need work, and help you to think about changes you can make.

The main programme includes:

– What is Mental Health?

– The Wheel of Life (assessing current levels of fulfilment).

– Introducing Neuroscience.

– A Basic Understanding of Anxiety.

– The Role of Neurotransmitters.

– Learning the Language of the Amygdala.

– The Anxious Response.

– Where is your Anxiety Coming From?.

– Exploring Stress.

– The Effects of Stress on our Lives.

– The Stress Cycle.

– A Basic Understanding of Depression.

– Our Emotional Systems.

– Genetic & Environmental Vulnerabilities.

– Experience is Key.

– Why Positive Thoughts are so Important.

– The Power of Habits.

– Addiction.

– Rewiring the Brain.

– Starting to Manage your Mental Health.

– Medication v Supplements.

– The Importance of Sleep

– Exercise.

– Meditation & Mindfulness.

– Brain Waves.

– Nutrition – The Gut / Brain Connection.

– Exploring What to Eat and What Not to Eat.

– Therapies.

– The Power of Listening.

– Setting Goals & Challenges.

– Self-love & Compassion.

After the main body of the programme is completed, there are follow-up sessions to help the attendees to start implementing what they have learnt.

Time to Change – Setting Goals & Challenges

These four, 1 hour sessions are designed to help you achieve success in achieving your goals, it is a process that can be repeated every time you have a new goal you want to achieve.

Session 1 – Choosing Your Goal

We reflect on some of the exercises completed during the programme to highlight the areas of fulfilment that need work, and choose a goal in order to start improving that area.

Session 2 – Planning Your Goal

In order to succeed at anything, you need to plan and prepare properly, so in this session we discuss what you need in order to complete it; who long will it take? What equipment will you need? What support will you need?

Session 3 – Dealing With Challenges & Barriers

Nothing ever runs quite as we plan it, so in this session we think about what might happen to disrupt your progress. It’s not an exercise in negativity, it’s about planning for the worst, and hoping for the best.

Session 4 – Time to fly

Is everything ready? This is the final check-list before starting on the road to success.

COST: The cost will be dependent on the number of people, location on other variable, so please get in touch and I can quote for your specific requirements.

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