My Aim

“Breathe Paul……. and Breathe……”

The title for my blog is inspired by the words Kim has had to constantly say to me over the last couple of years.  Whenever I had a panic attack I would stop breathing for what seemed like a really long time, so Kim had to keep telling/shouting at me to BREATHE!!!!!

So this blog is dedicated to my soul mate, Kim.

There are a couple of reasons for this blog:

  1. Mental Health problems, in particular anxiety and depression are widespread, but there is still a stigma around talking about these issues.  I know this is improving and there are some high profile people joining the fight, but I thought I would share my experience because, as they say, every little helps…..
  2. When I first had a panic attack, I literally struggled to get my head around what was going on.  As my condition became worse, I found that it was also really difficult for others to understand what was going on,  so I thought I would try and help others understand anxiety, panic and depression in a simple, easy to understand way.
  3. I have done lots of reading in order to understand my condition more, and I want to share this new found knowledge with you.  I am no expert on mental health, so I wanted to bring in knowledge from the professionals.
  4. Through my research I want to raise awareness of the different therapies that are out there, and in doing so champion some independent therapists.
  5. I want to change the way mental health is viewed in the work place.  I want to campaign to make companies more responsible for their employees health and wellbeing.
  6. I want to help people take more responsibility for their own mental health.  Nothing will change if we don’t look at ourselves first.

I will try and keep the blog as interesting as possible; I will cover some straight forward sides to anxiety, panic and depression, and there will also be some blogs that will challenge ‘The Normal Way of thinking’. 

Sometimes you may think that I have really lost the plot, but bear with me….. I don’t expect all of you to accept and agree with everything I write; what I do ask is that you respect the beliefs of others.

I want people to get involved, so please comment and share your knowledge and experiences.  As I said I am no expert, so I am happy to be corrected, and I am excited to continue to learn from others.

What this blog is not is a platform to fight against pharmaceuticals.  Personally I do not agree with everything the pharmaceutical industry does, however I do feel that a balance needs to be struck and both sides need to come together to give people the best chance of health and happiness.

I hope you enjoy the blog….

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.