My Aim

My main aims are to show you that it’s possible to HEAL, that you’re not alone, and that it is possible to manage your mental health better. I want to show you that you have more choices available to you than you think you do.

“Breathe Paul……. and Breathe……”

The title for my blog is inspired by the words Kim (my wife) has had to constantly repeat over the last couple of years. 

Whenever I had a panic attack I would stop breathing for what seemed like a really long time, so Kim had to keep reminding me to BREATHE!!!!!

Anxiety disorders, followed by mood disorders (depression and bipolar disorders) and substance use disorders are the three most common mental health issues globally in any given year.

MHFA England

There are a number of aims that I want to achieve through my work:

  • Mental Health problems, in particular anxiety and depression are widespread, but there is still a stigma around talking about these issues.  I know this is improving and there are some high profile people joining the fight, but I thought I would share my experience because, as they say, every little helps…..
  • When I first had a panic attack, I literally struggled to get my head around what was going on.  As my condition became worse, I found that it was also really difficult for others to understand what was going on,  so I thought I would try and help you understand anxiety, panic and depression in a simple, clear way.
  • I’m not a scientist, a counsellor, a doctor, or a psychologist, so rather than just my opinion, I want to bring in knowledge from the professionals and share some of the science and studies on the subjects.
  • The NHS only acknowledges medication, counselling and CBT as treatments for mental health disorders, I want to show you that there are so many different therapies and treatments out there that can help. I believe you should have as much information as possible, so you can make informed decisions and find out what works best for you.
  • I want to change the way mental health is viewed in the work place.  My breakdown occurred due to work related stress, so I want to make companies more responsible for their employees health and wellbeing.
  • Some companies and organisations are doing great work to support their employees, my hope is that I can work with these organisations through my talks and programmes, to see if I can add to their existing Health & Wellbeing programmes.
  • I want to help you take more responsibility for your own mental health through my Living a Life Without Limits programme.  Too many of us take the reactive approach to our health and wellbeing, I want to encourage you to have a more proactive way of thinking in order to prevent major problems occurring.

This is the time to open your mind, to let go of any limiting beliefs, and realise how powerful and special your mind and body can be, especially when you give it a chance.

On occasions, I will go down the more ‘woo woo’ route, that some of you may turn your nose up at; while I try and back everything up with scientific studies, sometimes we just have to accept that there is no answer to the question; how does that work?

I want you to get involved, so please comment and share your own knowledge and experiences.  As I said I am no expert, so I am happy to be corrected, and I am excited to continue to learn.

I hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I am.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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