Recommended Reads

Here are some of the books that have really helped with my mental health journey.

In my quest for knowledge, I have collected books that cover an array of subjects including neuroscience, natural therapies, addiction and stories of individual journeys and experiences.

There are literally millions of ‘self-help’ books, and it can be quite daunting trying to decide which books to read.  My collection grew from a number of sources, including a local bookshop (Independent book shops seem to have a better selection), recommendations from friends, recommendations from other books, charity shops, and sometimes the books just seemed to find me.

I thought I would share the titles of the books I have read and found helpful or interesting so you have a place to start if you need it.

Each image is a link to Amazon, so if you are interested in a specific title, you can follow the link to purchase it from the Amazon Website; the only reason I mention this is because by doing this I will receive a very small fee (thank you, thank you, thank you).

A brilliant book! It’s the companion for the HEAL documentary film; it’s not just for mental health, it’s to show anyone how powerful the human body is and how, if you give it a chance and the right environment you can heal even chronic illnesses.

A brilliant book by Dawson Church, it teaches you all about the science of the mind, including techniques such as EFT. I will be honest, some of the science was a bit above me, but it is incredible how powerful the mind is.

Explore the ancient Hawaiian practice of gratitude and forgiveness.

The story of a legendary Basket Ball coach, and inspirational leader, Phil Jackson; who won more NBA championships than any coach in history. He explored everything from humanistic psychology and Native America philosophy to Zen meditation to develop a new approach to leadership that turned the hyper-competitive world of professional sports on its head.

What we put into our body has a direct impact on our mind! This is a great book from Patrick Holford for understanding the importance nutrition plays in our mental wellbeing.

This was the best book I found about dealing with addiction.  I tried some of the recommended supplements and found that my craving for alcohol pretty much disappeared.

One of my favourite books, and the one I have been referencing on my ‘Anxiety and the Brain’ blogs.  This book explained neuroscience in a very simple, easy to understand way.

Self compassion is one of my big struggles, so I found this quite a tough read, but not because of the content of the writing style, it just really hit me emotionally.

Want to learn more about the science behind positivity? This is a great book from Barbara Fredrickson that highlights the research being carried out in a revolutionary science and gives tools to help you transform your outlook.

One of my favourite books; this is an incredible, eye-opening read from Charles Duhigg, all about habits and why some people struggle with change while others seem to remake themselves overnight.

Examining the pleasurable state of flow, whether at work, at play or in our relationships. We can learn how to live in harmony with ourselves, our society and, ultimately, with the greater universe.

I got this book by Giulia Enders to learn more about the gut – brain connection, and while the section on this is short, it is a fascinating read on an area that still remains relatively unexplored; our GUT.

A friend recommended this book by Priscilla Warner; it’s a great insight into one person’s journey and the different types of therapies she explored.

A brilliant book from Dr Lissa Rankin, for those who want to explore the mind/body connection and to find the proof that the body can heal itself.

Rhonda Byrne’s book about the power of gratitude; one of my favourite books and the reason why I sign off all my blogs with Thank you, thank you, thank you…..

A personal account of Rachel Kelly’s journey dealing with depression and how words helped her.  Rachel’s words of choice is poetry, for me, I started devouring fiction and non fiction books.

Some people struggle with this and it is easy to understand why, but it is well worth persevering with, and re-reading because living in the present is key to dealing with anxiety and depression. Eckhart Tolle

Another emotional read for me but well worth it for the insights into depression and how it works; from Dorothy Rowe.

A really good introduction to mindfulness; it also includes some very easy to follow exercises to get you practising.

Looking for an inspiring read…. This is it.  My best friend who lives in Cape Town knows Chris Bertish well, and when I started to struggle with anxiety and depression he had a friend bring this book over from South Africa for me.  Chris is a big wave surfer and adventurer and he has some very wise words to share, such as “when you panic, don’t panic”.

I bought this after watching the movie ‘Patch Adams’, staring Robin Williams because I just had to learn more about this amazing man who challenged the medical system in the US and created the Gesundheit Institute.

This is a really good read with lots of practical advice from Dr Rangan Chatterjee; it left me wondering why more GPs are not like this…..

An incredible read, the story of Viktor Frankl’s struggle for survival in Nazi concentration camps. It’s a tribute to hope and offers an avenue to finding greater meaning an purpose in our own lives.

If you’re going to learn about something, why not go to a master……. His Holiness The Dalai Lama

A great read for understanding some of the basics of mindfulness.  A bit hard going at the end chapter, A Selection of Buddhist Sutras.

If you love learning about science then this is the book for you.  A great insight into the world of scientific research and how the mind-body connection was discovered and proven.

Exercise is the best thing to help mental health problems, in this book Bella Mackie tells you how she found the joy of running and how it has helped her mental health.

I still have loads of books to read, and I am adding to my collection all the time; I will add new books to this list as I get through them; in the mean time……

Happy reading and learning.

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