Recommended Reads

Here are some of the books that have really helped with my mental health journey.

In my quest for knowledge, I have collected books that cover an array of subjects including neuroscience, natural therapies, addiction and stories of individual journeys and experiences.

There are literally millions of ‘self-help’ books, and it can be quite daunting trying to decide which books to read.  My collection grew from a number of sources, including a local bookshop (Independent book shops seem to have a better selection), recommendations from friends, recommendations from other books, charity shops, and sometimes the books just seemed to find me.

I thought I would share the titles of the books I have read and found helpful or interesting so you have a place to start if you need it.

Each image is a link to Amazon, so if you are interested in a specific title, you can follow the link to purchase it from the Amazon Website; the only reason I mention this is because by doing this I will receive a very small fee (thank you, thank you, thank you).

I still have loads of books to read, and I am adding to my collection all the time; I will add new books to this list as I get through them; in the mean time……

Happy reading and learning.

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