‘Anxiety & The Brain’

Sharing my lived experience to help you understand, and manage your anxiety.

“I just wanted to say how informative that presentation was. You gave me a lot of insight – not only anxiety disorder as a condition, but anxiety in general. I also really thought the science around it was interesting.”

Ryan Coxall (talk attendee)

A Basic Understanding of Anxiety

The Causes

Physical Reactions

Why Anxiety Doesn’t Always Make Logical Sense

Ways to Manage Anxiety

When I started having panic attacks at work, the first thought that went through my mind was “Something in my brain has broken!”, like a faulty connection in an electrical appliance.

The information I was getting from the NHS was basic, so I started to read books about anxiety. For the first time ever I got excited about science, in particular NEUROSCIENCE, and the role this plays in creating anxiety and the physical responses we experience, such as panic attacks.

My 1 hour keynote talk is about that journey of self-discovery.

If you struggle with anxiety, having a basic knowledge of the disorder means that you will be able to learn to manage it, rather than it managing you. It will also help you to understand how different therapies and treatments work; you will learn about the gut-brain connection and how important nutrition is to good mental health.

This talk is not just for those struggling with anxiety; many of the people who have attended my talks have children or other family and friends, who are struggling with anxiety. My talk helped them to understand what their loved one is experiencing, and how to support and help them better.

“I thought your presentation was spot on , lots of valuable information both science & relatable info & very well presented.
Great book recommendations too.”

Charn Badhan (talk attendee)

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, I present the talk over Zoom or Teams, but hope to be back out on the road very soon.

It is for any organisation that wants to help its employees or members with their mental health, including companies, sports clubs, social clubs and societies, colleges and universities.

I am also in the process of developing the talk for schools.

If you are interested in booking me for a talk, just send me an e-mail to paul_gloucester@yahoo.co.uk